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Jet Streakin enrolled in the Ruby Buckle

Jet is the only APHA stallion enrolled in the Buckle incentives - here's your chance at winning that extra payout on some chrome!

How it works: - The Ruby Buckle is modeled after the Pink Buckle and has similar rules and structure.

- Barrel Races (regional events) are only open to nominated progeny of enrolled stallions. There is a maximum of 150 stallions each paying an annual enrollment of $7,000. Pink Buckle stallions will be enrolled in the Ruby Buckle and will comprise 50 of the 150 total.

- The owners of eligible progeny must pay an annual $200 nomination fee to keep their horses eligible. This nomination (payment) has to be paid each year for a horse to be eligible to compete at the races.

- The first year we anticipate the Ruby Buckle Races paying $1,600,000 which would be split equally over 3 regional events, each one paying $533,333. At each of the Regional Races there will be a $100,000 Pink Buckle side-pot for Pink Buckle eligible horses only.

- The goals are to increase the amount of regional races as the program grows.

- The Ruby Buckle will consist of a Barrel Race Futurity and Open 4D with 1/2 second splits.

- The regional races will be held in strategic locations to make the program desirable to all mare owners and race contestants nationwide.

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